Out of the Shadows – Andrea Colitti


Andrea Colitti Lams, born Rome 1960.
Paints with acrylic, oils and all sorts of colors, mostly on canvas, sometimes on wood, seldom on paper. Self taught, developed various painting recipes, dry, wet, wet on wet, colors transfers. Preferred painting in collective art spaces, spent years in kunsthaus Tacheles berlin 1994-5, 2000-10, in ateliers de Belleville, Paris, 1990-94. Since the end of the kunsthaus working home. Small collective exhibitions, direct sales from atelier apartment, friends-family, collectors independent. Instructor training at Golden Artist Colors, painting workshops. Speak mix Italian English French German Spanish all wrong but fuent. Digital art experience, true color print control, pen plotter kit assembly, transform jpg to svg and plot photo lineages on transparent plastic foil sheets for silkscreen, prints or transfer. Next plans 3d printer scanner kit assembly, water printing for image transfer on round objects. Sublimated a foto of a painting on canvas and made a jacket two sneakers and a cap out of it.

Artist Statement
In ancient Rome the “penates” were the gods of the house. Every Roman home had its own penates,inseparable small artifacts designed to represent the house and its holiness. Some of Andrea’s pictures are to be seen as growing in time within the home, suggesting to us the holiness of the homes we return to, a symbol of how we like to be in the intimacy of our homes.
The absence of lines or forms or message, just the colours shading in one another in subdued light, induce spirituality for moments of our lives, in our home. Chances are, anyone confronted with a set of colour combinations as a non understandable entity, a non message, a non logical non graspable visual, might eventually slip into a spiritual mode and start daydreaming.The little bit of time required for this exercise and the concentration it brings with, makes it easier when experienced in the propitiousness our homes.

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