Out of the Shadows – Emiliano Strade – Lessys

Emiliano Strade – Lessys


Yes i write you soon thank you so much in photography i love the name emiliano strade because it explain in some ways my vision on my creative ways… But if you need you can write also Lessys and it come from the france term Les systemes because i see that we are systems inside other system and the relations between them, you can not separete the universe inside and outside a man..

Lessys comes from one of the earthquake parts of Italy and has been taking photso most of his life. While last time in Berlin he was invited at the moment to enter a group exhibition at GH36 where he collaborated with nanandom on a visual of words He is also a natural musician and also sees music as a deep device to communicate and reveal his emotion.

He has a degree in psycology.

Un abbraccio grande.

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