Out of the Shadows – Resa Mashoodi

Resa Mashoodi was born 1965 in Teheran/Iran. From early childhood on he was taught by his grandmother, herself a painter and art teacher. As the same time he enjoyed a classical musical education by an armenian concert violenist in violin, cello, piano, and guitar.

1986 Resa Mashoodi emigrated to Germany. Untill 1995 he lived in Bielefeld as a painter and musician, gave concerts, and had several exhibitions.
Since 1995 he has been living in Berlin. At the beginnig of his Berlin years he ran his own gallery and workshop called “Bottega“.

In 2000 he was working as a freelance artist in legendary „Kunsthaus Tacheles“, there he was one of the founders of the projekt “Manufaktur“, which was a open artist workshop and manufactur`s gallery.

From 2005 through 2012 he was leading the gallery „Ora et Labora“ also in Tacheles. There he was showing a permant exhibition of his own works, ehibited works of guest artists, and staged musical and art performances with various artists.

From 2012 till 2014 he was member of the art projekt “Überraschung” in Berlin-Weißensee. 2016 he ran a gallery in Berlin Mitte called „Galerie Lottum“.
He taught himself the way of painting of the 16th century ,glaze painting, in which you paint several layers of colours which give the paintings more luminance and brilliance.

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