Out of the Shadows – Sebastion Rohr

Born in Germany 1984, emigrated to Ireland in 1995, graduated from IADT n 2008 with frst class honors BA in Fina Art. Founded Bombhouse studios in 2009. Moved to Berlin in 2010.
Artist in Residency in Kunsthaus Tacheles 2010-2012.
My work of the past 10 years has been an exploration of the creative limitations of steel; the material that carries the burdens of our modern society. Ubiquitous, universal and dismissed as cold and dour, steel sculptures commonly stand diametrically opposed to nature, heavy gauge steel with harsch straight lines and unyielding fat surfaces guard the entryways of Industry. While organic highly detailed sculptures are usually the reserve of precious materials such as bronze or marble, I maintain however that this is due mostly due to a lack of creativity, that with little more than a Welding machine, anything is possible.
My use of extremely thin sheet metal stems from the overabundance of it on the streets of Berlin, old fridges, bicycles, bend shelves and microwaves in varying states of decay litter the streets. The strange alchemy of transforming the inevitable debris of our consumer culture into something completely unexpected to transcend fscal limitations through sheer force of will.
Every project represents a step towards a true mastery of the Craft For me the true joy in creating is, not the overwrought concept behind it that serves to prop it up artifcially, but the process of solving the many diffcuties that continuously present themselves. The fnished work being little more than a milestone along the path to true Mastery.

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