August 21-28, 2018

A Contemporary Unexpected Temporary Collection

Within society we live in a Reality of Shadows. Whether it’s our social interaction, perspective of light, silhouette, size or shape, another profile of art and time always exists.

It changes through every light through. With this unexpected exhibition, he chose local artists that have a different perspective of light and shadows through their personal interpretation, life experience, skill and dedication. (Adamo Tiza – GH36)


Resa Mashoodi  (Iran) Paintings
Evelin Van der Griend  (Holland) Paintings
Sebastion Rohr  (Germany/Ireland) Metal Sculpture
Volker Wagner  (Germany) Metal Sculpture
Marina Fries  (Russia) Paintings
Andrea Colitti  (Italy) Paintings
Emiliano Strade  (Italy) Photography

Catherine Poulain and Alexis Duney Performance – NAO Aritsts (Paris)

Friday August 24th – 19 h


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