Face On

Galerie GH36 and former Berliner painter and media artist Carsten Bund are pleased to present a group exhibition entitled FACE ON, which wil be held from Jan 10th through Jan 30th, 2019 at GH36.

Our fascination with the “mirror of the soul” never ceases. We try to depict them relentlessly. We sculpt faces in

stone, paint, carve, draw, and photograph them, always with the ambition to catch a glimpse of what is behind the mask of intended expression.

FACE ON joins these thoughts with artistic styles revealing alternative or known expression. The group show is composed of international artists, focusing on the painting and drawing of „alternative portraits“, both abstract and

realistic in their ability to express. The artists: Anna Mond (DE/IT), Carsten Bund (DE/USA), Tine Isachen (NOR),

Jani Kaunisto (FIN), Hedley Roberts (UK), Magdalena Patyk (POL), Rie Froelich (USA), Timo Konttinen (FIN) Samira Freitag (DE).

The approaches of the artists are individual and manifold: intuitive, experimental and conceptual. But they all seek to wrest an image from the human face with an aim toward depicting the „essence“ of the person portrayed.

The opening will take place on Jan 10th at 7pm with a presentation at 8p.m.

On the 21st of January, during the night of the full moon, a discussion will take place about Face On with specific statements and discussion from the artist’s perspective. On the 30th of January, the closing will be

accompanied by an experimental live electro-acoustic music performance reflecting the faces in the room. Schedule to be posted on social media and print platforms.

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