(Yourselves Our selves)

Re-Live transparency. The re-evolution of revealing explorations in previous broken loops and lives. Finding distinct balanced orders to flow and live in the clear present future.

Transparency is another common trait shared by all natural beings at one point in their life. Are we puppets or people? What happened to the humans?

18 Artists representing 11 countries in massive micro formats.

Painting, Fine-art Photography, Mixed Media, Visual Arts, Sculpture, Collage and Drawings from emerging, emerged and further emerging dedicated artists.

19-21: DJ: Neuromancer NuElektroGoth
21-22: Modular Improvisation : Attics
Drinks by: GHB

2G Inside (WLAN available)

Mar Räder, Lars Karich, Sarah Inhoffen, Alica Baillaud, Sebastion Rohr, Grantis Simon Rogers, Laura Joy Bailey, Juan Gris, Leila Rose Kole, Kar Russell, Ben Nagra, Tofa (aka: Chris Noelle), Xiaoer Liu, Volker Wagner, Ju Slatiner, Bianca Flegel, Uwe Michael Neumann, A.Tiza, Kai Selber