Another hopeful post Corona and now mid- mutation Exhibtion. But if comparing this viral mutation to the sociopathic organization inflicted on humanity, without too much change in the last 500 years, Clarity is of grave importance.

How do we focus on building better humans vs machines. Maintain or heal the given nature, allowing humanity and the earth improved communications, relationships and positive exchanges for personal and group growth 

21 international artists, with over 50 works presented, representing: the beautiful, the good, the bad and at times the ugly parts inflicted on humanity, nature and society.

Now through July 18, 2021. 

We wish you positive and constructive moments learning to love yourself, find your calling and to heal along the way. 

Please contact us for a tour or watch for upcoming tags and news. 

Grosse Hamburger Str. 36 in Mitte Berlin. Across from the St. Hedwigs Hospital.