Opening Thu, 4 Jul 2024 19:00-22:00

Spent examines the compulsive insatiability of the industrial processes of extraction and consumption. Through a dialogue of photography and sculpture, this exhibition presents the brutal traces left by humanity on natural landscapes alongside monolithic sugar sculptures deployed as disruptors of Berlin’s post-war monocultural forests.

Liz Miller Kovacs’ visceral photography captures the remains of sites ravaged by excavation and remaining pollution, revealing the devastating effects of industrialized greed. Her latest works, printed on metal sheets, contrast with her earlier, more vibrant photographs, creating a visual autopsy of environmental degradation.

Richard Green’s industrially refined sugar sculptures, including grainy nighttime trail cam footage shot in Brandenburg, underscore the artificiality of our environment and the impact of human intervention in nature. 

4 Jul-14 Jul 2024

Open: Wednesday-Sunday 14:00-18:00 and by appointment





Ammar Abaza is a critical digital artist based in Berlin. He sheds light on the downfalls of urban life and how is it redrawn and manipulated. His work follows a pantological methodology, stemming from different fields of art, concept design, illustration, architecture, and technical design. In addition to being very dark, captivating, and unique, his artwork is also based on research that he does in the urban design field. Ammar uses art as a critical tool, otherwise known as ‘critical Dystopias’ to translate urban issues from specialist to artistic and more concrete form, to help raise awareness of the issues and dangers that are vague now, but would have very dire consequences down the road.

For this exhibition, the gallery will be open daily from 14-18 or by appointment. (Closed Monday) Feel free to contact us.

https://www.christianhubert.com/writing/smoothstriated. Inspiration and explanation
What might you do if you were forced to make a change?
This coming Friday evening June 23rd from 19:30pm, artist Miriam Glinka reveals stories from her drawings such as “Damaged Superstar or Like shit flies in a bell jar.”
This collection of drawings were made “lefty” by Ms. Glinka after her right collar bone and hand broke and opened her world with continued desire to push on with her artistic works.
We welcome you in seeking the arts of living.

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Andrea Colitti, born in Rome, began creating and tinkering as a child and hasn’t stopped. Following his studies and work in electrical engineering, he chose a path of seeking the use of advanced art techniques to push self-taught borders seeking to realize and reflect his life through the works.

With previous residencies in London, Paris and now local in Berlin, he is in the midst of studies with light and colors and alternative recycled materials. In the exhibition and installation Lightbild, one can see how the change in light allow for a different view and to reveal an array of colors, although they are the same images.
How we see people or concepts within reflected light or communications. Colitti is known for his shadow people, detailed scenes of his life and music.

Other than his painted works with complimentary lights, in the center of the room is the a/v helmut module installation: “Stagemask.” Play yourself and see yourself in an altered view.

Friday, Feb 10, 2023 Colitti will be in the Galerie offering Portraits on his new analog machine, drawing portraits through perspectives of an altered lens on plastic reprinted via Screenprint or digital scan. Open from 15uhr with Event begin at 20uhr.

Feel free to email for an appointment or for pricing catalog of works. Thank you for your interest.

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“It’s Time” ???

Foto: Attics, Painting: Kurihara Takuya 2021

Does the ultimate Buddha just accept everyone no matter what? Should we just consider outlets to thought of the eventual future graves without living recourse? Trying to stay on the good self with relaxed vibes.

23 Berlin based artists (painting, photography, drawings, collage, mixed media, visual arts and sculpture) Each artist deep in their perspective of their self and the reflection of their moment in a delayed time with movement. In case you missed it, the semi-automatic vinyl remix station will be back live in October and available on exclusive request with replay on 103.3X/DJ RAY DIO