Since 2011, Galerie GH36 has been providing art, musical, cultural, philosophical and technical art exhibitions, events and services to the private, commercial and limited public.

Located in the “Spandauer Vorstadt,” in Berlin Mitte, we are working with over 200 people within specific disciplines in the areas of music, art, technology, culture, philosophy, mental health and education.

We seek to bring creative arts with positive and historical energies to both the local community and global consequence.

The Galerie also serves as daily artist:entrepreneur studio office

Present Exhibition. “It’s Time” ???

Foto: Attics, Painting: Kurihara Takuya 2021

Does the ultimate Buddha just accept everyone no matter what? Should we just consider outlets to thought of the eventual future graves without living recourse? Trying to stay on the good self with relaxed vibes.

23 Berlin based artists (painting, photography, drawings, collage, mixed media, visual arts and sculpture) Each artist deep in their perspective of their self and the reflection of their moment in a delayed time with movement. In case you missed it, the semi-automatic vinyl remix station will be back live in October and available on exclusive request with replay on 103.3X/DJ RAY DIO.