Galerie GH36 began in 2011 with space in need for a multi-disciplinary artist group from Berlin’s WideScope Collective (K.Mutant and Berlin based community)  http://widescopecollective.de/

Since the winter of 2012, the space and community has developed and morphed with the same goals in mind. “Pushing magnetism, thought and enjoyment to and through people via art, positive social interaction and music. Along with the realization of tools and technical platform for related aesthetics, interaction and commerce.

Previously GH36 has mostly been utilized  as a modern art Gallery and experiencing different curators, gallerists, artists of all mediums and students. In between and at times, GH36 has been rented out or utilized for other purposes: Atellier, Recording Studio, Fashion Showroom, Photography Studio, Mini Theater, Performance Venue, Event Bar, Jewelery Store and other artistic art, craft or creative endeavors.

Today GH36 is the private music, technical and artistic atelier from AAtics. And at times inviting other musicians, producers, artists, curators, technologists, architects and philosophers for private high level interactions for future presentations..

GH36 is located in Berlin Mitte, in the heart of the art district on the Grosse Hamburger Str.

We hope to look forward to communicating with you personally.

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